Tracing your family tree

Dear Friends 

Tracing your family tree. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing leisure pursuits and, we’re told, the second major search activity on the internet. 

Knowing your ancestors – not just their names and dates, but the social, political, economic and family context – is all part of knowing yourself.

Having access to archival resources is extremely important. Sheffield archives is a good place to begin to view original records. 

Below you will find a link to Wales Parish Registers. It is a comprehensive list of the baptisms, marriages and funerals from 1580 to the early 1900’s

Tracing your ancestry can be a very long, time-consuming process, so before launching into the project it is important to take some preliminary steps. 

Decide which line of your family tree you wish to trace. It is so easy to be sidetracked by coming across records of other branches of the family, or unrelated families of the same name, and so waste time and effort. 

It is always advisable to talk to older members of your family in the first instance and note down what they can remember. Look through family documents and memorabilia and search out any certificates that you already have, and any other relevant papers and photographs. 

There are a number of books you can purchase or borrow from Kiveton library.

The Library is a great resource and a true community hub with a number of online ancestry links to help you in your search. You just need to become a member.

Find my Past and Ancestry are also excellent subscribing ways to begin researching family history. 


Reverend Gary 

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