Vicar’s Letter – December 2022

Dear Friends 

If you’re wanting a bit of spirituality in your Christmas make sure you listen to or join in with a Carol or two, I hope Christmas carols aren’t going out of fashion. 

Many contain deep lyrics that feed our souls and point us to the glory of Christ. Whilst others like ‘Away in a manger’, a simple, childlike Carol, contain an eternal truth. It brings comfort to your heart and renews your faith,

So hear a few words from away in a manger to reflect on. ‘Be near me Lord Jesus.’ Those are wonderful words for you and for me, a prayer even for the despairing and hopeless who are feeling desperately alone.

‘I ask thee to stay’ whether you are frightened or joyful you can talk to Jesus in prayer. He is your Saviour but also a close friend as the next words indicate.

‘Close by me … forever and love me I pray’ What a wonderful eternal promise that is. Whatever trials and tribulations you are facing know in faith you are close to Jesus and known as a child of God. Forever held in his eternal arms of love. 

O little town of Bethlehem speaks to those in darkness . It proclaims that the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Jesus on Christmas night. A much needed message for some people in our world who would say ‘it’s the hope that kills me …. but hope is all I have.’

We sing many familiar carols at our Christingle services, turn off the lights and pass the light of Christ on to our neighbour. It illuminates our ancient space in a beautiful way reminding all present that Jesus brings hope, joy and light to a dark world at Christmas. 

This Christmas why not set aside some time to read the first two chapters of Luke’s Gospel, and marvel again at the intricate details of God’s eternal plan to send a Savior.

And then commit to ensuring you a true reflection of the Christ child’s hope, joy and light. We all have a light and we should use it to help make other people feel better about themselves. 

Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy new year. 

Reverend Gary 

Follow the Star to Christmas ⭐️

Carol Service
Sunday 18th December – 6pm

Saturday 24th December – 4pm and 5.30pm

Midnight Mass
Saturday 24th December – 11.30pm

Christmas Day Communion
Sunday 25th – 10am

New Years Day Communion
Sunday 1st Jan – 10am

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