Listen to Jesus speak through parables

Following on from the recent popular Prayer Course we will now gather to ‘Listen to Jesus’ speak through his parables. We meet at Wales Vicarage beginning with a cuppa and slice of homemade cake before sharing faith, fellowship and fun.

The ‘Listen to Jesus’ course is open to anyone and everyone. All are welcome. Each session is an hour and fifteen minutes long. The meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 2pm & 7.30pm commencing 17th August.

The parables of Jesus are extremely important and contain much of his teaching. When we hear them it is as if Jesus himself is by our side. In each parable we hear his voice speaking directly to us. These simple, humble memorable stories contain great themes which teach a moral or a spiritual lesson.

The story is not important. It is the lesson of a parable that counts. Jesus was the master of teaching in parables. His parables often have an unexpected twist or surprise ending that catches the listeners attention. They are also cleverly designed to draw listeners into new ways of thinking, new attitudes and new ways of being.

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