Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The church will remain open daily from 10am until 4pm for prayer, reflection and thanksgiving. Candles may be lit in memory of a ‘life well lived’ the book of condolence may also be signed and words added as a tribute. Please pray for King Charles III, the Royal Family, our United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and all God’s people as we mourn our deep loss. 

The prayer prayed as Queen Elizabeth was crowned, now answered.

‘God crown you with a crown of glory and righteousness, that having a right faith and manifold fruit of good works, you may obtain the crown of an everlasting kingdom by the gift of him whose kingdom endureth for ever. Amen.’

Our servant Queen has died. A shining example of Christian faith. She’s now at home with Jesus: her Servant King and The King of Kings.

Thankyou Ma’am.

Let us be thankful that God has saved the Queen.

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