Vicar’s letter – May 2018

Dear Friends

When I pray sometimes God feels very close. At other times (usually when there’s a tragedy either globally, nationally or locally) I’m not sure where God is, or even if God is, but I pray.

I positively make a decision to pray, because like an iPhone charger it connects me with an energy source. It connects me with the Divine presence, the source of all power, the one who is Holy Mystery & Wholly Love.

In prayer, I am tapped into a power source, that gives me energy for living, for making a difference, for facing the challenges life throws st us. I pray because it shapes my life bringing it into alignment, making sense out of things I can’t begin to make sense of on my own.

Prayer for me is a wonderful journey, which gradually unfolds. Sometimes it feels an uphill struggle at others it feels like shared journey. Often it is only when I look back that I see where God was moving in my life, strengthening, upholding, leading, pushing, encouraging me.

Prayer is as important to me as breathing. I can get angry at God. Shout and scream. But I can also laugh and smile with God. I can even cry and know that someone, the great Divine someone, receives my tears.

God’s huge heart of love holds all my emotions. There is nothing I can do or say which will turn God away. So as St Paul encourages from his 1st letter to the Thessalonians, lets “Pray without ceasing; give thanks in all circumstances.”


Reverend Gary


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