Vicar’s letter –March 2017

All You Need Is Love (The Beatles)
Do you love Lent? I do! It is a positive, strengthening, lovely spiritual experience, and if you want to grow in your love of God and your neighbour, then Lent is definitely for you! Here are five things to do this Lent which I’ve linked to popular songs which you will give you a clearer vision of the Risen Jesus this Easter.

Food Glorious Food (Oliver Musical)
Keep it small. Don’t eat so much during Lent. Love your food. Have starters, mains and even deserts. But have smaller portions. Use a small plate, bowl or wine glass and not necessarily because you have to lose weight. Don’t over face yourself and don’t forget to eat the rainbow. Make sure you have your 5 portions of fruit and veg day and avoid anything beige or milk chocolate. Eat healthy and be happy.

Save A Prayer (Duran Duran)
Duran Duran sing about praying tomorrow. I’d like to encourage you during the forty days of Lent to pray each day. Start and end each day with the Lord’s Prayer. Also why not dust off that old grace you used to say before eating and say that at your main meal. Pray daily and, if you’re going to indulge in anything during Lent, make sure you indulge in all the qualities of Christian prayer – adoration, confession and thanksgiving,
Jesus Loves Me This I Know

(Anna Bartlett Warner 1827-1915)
… for the bible tells me so. You can read the Bible daily via You can receive a daily email with a reading, reflection and prayer or you can check out their website each day. Or download the you version bible app onto your phone, tablet or computer. During Lent make sure God’s word is with you wherever you go. If you’re never far from your phone then you’ll never be far from the bible. Look at God’s word regularly because it will speak to you and to your life.

Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)
Worshipping together is a basic Christian duty. Our communion service reminds us that our bounden duty is to worship God every Sunday in his Church. Doing so brings us understanding, strengthens our faith, gives us hope, fills us with encouragement, and gives us the first-hand experience of being loved by God – and that gives us the ability to love others more fully. Make a commitment not to miss one single Sunday in God’s House this Lenten season. Jesus told us to this do, (Luke 22:19; 1 Cor 11:24-25) so let’s do it together, every single Sunday.

Let Love Be Your Energy (Robbie Williams)
There are fourteen ‘works” which enable us to put our faith in Jesus Christ into action in our daily life.

Spiritual Works Of Love and Mercy
(1) converting the lost, (2) teaching the faith, (3) advising the doubtful, (4) comforting the sorrowful, (5) bearing wrongs patiently, (6) forgiving injuries, (7) praying for the living and the dead.

Corporal Works Of Love and Mercy
(1) feeding the hungry, (2) giving drink to the thirsty, (3) clothing the naked, (4) caring fir the stranger, (5) visiting the sick, (6) ministering to prisoners,
(7) burying the dead.

check out

Finally and most importantly, let your Lenten lapses and failures – whatever they may be serve only to increase your dependence upon God. None of us will do all we want to do during Lent. That’s because we are only human. The point is not to get an A* grade; the point is to increase your capacity to love God and your neighbour.

After all, Lent is a time to learn how to love – God’s way – once again. That’s the whole point of the season! Do these 5 things this Lent and you will get a clearer vision of the Risen Jesus this Easter.


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